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Posted on May 8, 2016 by EZRA on Branding


My clienteles are from different parts of GCC. Since I opened in Dubai in 2004, my first client was a bride to be so the whole family came and started taking ideas and what she really wants on her dream wedding. Once she has chosen her design, then it takes a long process of fitting, materials, beadwork, until we finally finish the wedding dress. From her, started a word of mouth, and that’s how I established my atelier to be known for wedding dresses. Most of the clients come here for their wedding dresses and evening gowns. I have established a long list of clients who always come to me for their special occasions. So Ezra Couture is now popular with the locals and gets clients from all parts of the world.


An Ezra style is always elegant and sophisticated, always done in clean cuts and precise tailoring.

My creations are model classics at best – crisp yet soft in symmetry. They bedazzle, stand-out and leave a lasting impression.

Swarovski Elements complete my designs like icing to a cake.  They are the elements that give my creations its distinct quality and richness. And to top it all, Swarovski Elements provide for the necessary luminosity and grandeur to my creations.

What makes my design different is I believe that I should make the past and present cohabits my designs so I always leave an old or signature touch in my dresses in order to show the beautiful ways of old tradition with modern elements that makes it very unique. What makes me happy is once they see my creations; they always recognize and say… “Oh that’s an EZRA COUTURE!”


When I do a collection it has to have a storyline. Just like a movie, it has to be dramatic and full of life. To be able to get inspired, I do travel abroad to get a brainwave and be motivated. The museums and architectures there and other places that I visited really help me a lot to gather ideas and to stimulate my mind to come up with a design and start my collections.

For inspiration, I look up to the celebrated French designer Erte – whose art deco influenced creations from his heyday in the 20’s through to the 60’s can be seen in fashion pages today. I also profess my admiration for Christian Lacroix for his unique use of colour and unimaginable combinations, as well as John Galliano for his undisputed drama on and off the runway and the original Monsieur Christian Dior. They inspire me because of their very unique fashion senses.

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