EZRA Couture

The eponymous master haute couturier unravels a penchant for all things precise, baroque and beautiful as he takes inspirations from the great master of Spanish modernism, Antoni Gaudi. But not unlike Gaudi, whose works truly go beyond one style or classification, he unleashes silhouettes, elements and embellishments that find their main inspirations in organic, anarchic and geometric forms of nature.

The color palette is a gradation of natural to champagne to black ending in red in a stunning integration with what appears to be ceramics, stained glasses and wrought ironwork forging that is reminiscent of the great Gaudi’s magnum opus and the synthesis of his architectural evolution, the Sagrada Familia. And as Gaudi achieved perfect harmony between structural and ornamental elements, between plastic and aesthetic, between function and form, EZRA achieves now the integration of all arts in this one collection not meant to be forgotten in a long, long time.

EZRA-Collection-2-Right-Pic1.jpg EZRA-Collection-2-Right-Pic2.jpg EZRA-Collection-2-Right-Pic3.jpg EZRA-Collection-2-Right-Pic4.jpg EZRA-Collection-2-Right-Pic5.jpg EZRA-Collection-2-Right-Pic6.jpg EZRA-Collection-2-Right-Pic7.jpg EZRA-Collection-Main.jpg EZRA-Collection-3-Main.jpg EZRA-Collection-3-Right-Pic3.jpg EZRA-Collection-3-Right-Pic2.jpg EZRA-Collection-3-Right-Pic1.jpg EZRA-Collection-Right-Pic2.jpg EZRA-Collection-Right-Pic3.jpg EZRA-Collection-Right-Pic1.jpg EZRA-Collection-2013-Main.jpg