EZRA Couture

EZRA redefines romance as the eponymous brand unveils a collection that both touches the heart and hits a new fashion high. Divine Romanticism is a journey of a woman who loves with unmatched passion and is loved in returned with a fervour that encompasses all time greatness. It is a feast for the senses as it unravels a collection that is timeless, in a palette of colours that is beyond seasons and in luxuriousness with no limits.

INSPIRATION: Art Deco/Art Nouveau – A modern take of 20’s golden era of fashion where glamour, beauty and art reigned supreme
MATERIALS/FABRICS USED: Tulle, crepe, lace and Swarovski Elements

EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic15.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic14.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic13.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic12.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic11.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic10.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic9.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic8.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic7.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic6.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic5.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic4.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic3.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic2.jpg EZRA-Divine-Romanticsm-Pic1.jpg