EZRA Couture

Arabic folklore abounds with fascinating stories about very strong north-westerly winds that are funnelled into the Persian Gulf by the mountains of Turkey and Iraq to the northeast and the high plains of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to the southwest.

The winds known as Shamal are most commonly strongest in the spring to summer and hence the Shamal events are as well, although they can occur at any time of year.

It is around this fascination that the Dubai based Filipino designer EZRA unravels a collection that is purely Shamal. It’s about Dubai architecture and different mixture of cultures that lives in the country. It is dreamy, almost mythical even, and yet it awakens the senses.

The colour palette is astoundingly romanticized Shamal..sun-glazed pink, peach that is reminiscent of the desert at its most scorching, intermingling with a plethora of pastels that beautifully melts in a silhouette that is soft and yet powerful, just like Shamal.. It is once again, magical time with EZRA, in his trademark precision cutting, fine tailoring and exquisite embellishment.

MATERIALS: Mixture of Lace, Tulle, Taffeta and Swarovski Elements

EZRA-Collection-2016-Right-Pic1.jpg EZRA-Collection-2016-Right-Pic2.jpg EZRA-Collection-2016-Right-Pic3.jpg EZRA-Collection-2016-Right-Pic4.jpg EZRA-Haute-Couture-Pic45.jpg EZRA-Haute-Couture-Pic46.jpg EZRA-Haute-Couture-Pic1.jpg EZRA-Haute-Couture-Pic2.jpg EZRA-Haute-Couture-Pic3.jpg EZRA-Haute-Couture-4.jpg EZRA-SHOWROOM-Services.jpg EZRA-SHOWROOM-v2-1.jpg