EZRA Couture

EZRA presents a collection that runs the gamut of couture ingenuity to couture immortality as he takes us to a tour of the magnificent “Jardin Majorelle” of Marrakesh. This beautiful and tranquil oasis also holds testament to the ingenuity and diversity of the Berber tribes of North Africa who stands out as one of the last bastions of traditions of an ever modernizing world. It is therefore EZRA‘s homage to the multi-dimensional beauty and significance of “Jardin Majorelle”, where the venerable Yves St Laurent chose to have his ashes scattered.

The collection is likewise evocative of the diverse and extraordinary beauty of Berber adornments as EZRA embellishes his collection suggestive of the Berber tribes’ polychrome enameled pottery in majorelle blue and white and stunning yellow in between. It is in multitude of shapes and geometrics, in blending of metals on ceramics bringing to mind zillij tiles derived from Byzantine and Roman mosaics and set in a repertoire of elaborate patterns that lines the “Jardin Majorelle”.

EZRA-Couture-Right-Pic3.jpg EZRA-Couture-Right-Pic2.jpg EZRA-Couture-Right-Pic1.jpg EZRA-Couture-Right-Pic4.jpg EZRA-Couture-Right-Pic5.jpg EZRA-Couture-Right-Pic6.jpg EZRA-Couture-Right-Pic7.jpg