EZRA Couture

A collection inspired by the old Manila in the 1930’s and the beauty of the older days, the gorgeous mestizas clad in their finest Maria Clara and the days of the Spanish occupancy in our country that has had a major influence in the Philippine fashion.


EZRA used Piña Fabric (Pineapple Fibre), a fibre made from the leaves of a pineapple plant mixed with silk to create a textile and therefore very organic. It is commonly used in the Philippines for formal wears like our famous Barong Tagalog, Maria Clara and wedding dresses. It’s a hand-woven fabric made by weavers and is very precious and scarce.

He likewise used inabel, another organic fabric from the Philippines and the rest are tulle, jacquard, crepe silk and neoprene.

Haute-Couture-Right-Pic1.jpg Haute-Couture-Right-Pic2.jpg Haute-Couture-Right-Pic3.jpg Haute-Couture-Right-Pic4.jpg EZRA-Clara-Collection-Pic1.jpg EZRA-Clara-Collection-Pic3.jpg EZRA-Clara-Collection-Pic2.jpg EZRA-Clara-Collection-Pic4.jpg EZRA-Clara-Collection-Pic5.jpg EZRA-Clara-Collection-Pic6.jpg EZRA-Clara-Collection-Pic7.jpg EZRA-Clara-Collection-Pic8.jpg