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Games like the forest reddit

Is there a survival sandbox gsme similar to the forest or will the game even be ported in the switch? I'd love a horror survival samdbox to play on the couch or on the go.

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My brothers and I had a blast beating The Forest together but we aren't sure what to play next.

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Suggestions for a multiplayer survival game (with a storyline) like the forest?

Any suggestions? Stranded Deep is a game that comes to mind.

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I support this. I played The Forest since day 1 of early access and love that game.

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Stranded Deep is definitely fun, but temper expectations. As a pure base builder with some environmental dangers, it's a fun game. I definitely classify it as a pure survival management game.

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The hoard aspect is non-existent. So if looking for that element, then you will be disappointed.

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The problem with Ark is that it's balance is pretty garbage unless you're in a big clan. Games like the forest.

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Continue this thread. Green Hell is very similar and a solid survival base-builder.

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Is this on Xbox yet?! Seconding 7 days to die. Great game. Green Hell.

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More posts from the BaseBuildingGames community. Hello there!

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