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The site provides a lot more than this, however, bringing top porn animations of all types and a sexy web forum for people to enjoy. Getting ready for each new story and sexual adventure that comes with each update takes a lot of work, and LewdZone does it well. There are over 1, porn games listed on the website, with more than 5, total updates to these.

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Are you ready to unleash your deepest desires in one of the kinkiest clickers EVER? With a fantastically entertaining Dating Sim mechanic, you will get to intimately know each and every girl working under you. No restrictions, no conditions, only the handpicked adult games, videos, pictures and gifs for your pleasure. Some latest Ren'Py games can be affected by a Renpy false positive by several antiviruses.

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Hi, we have created this to keep track on the changes we make in the site. Everything we do developing stuffs will be added here. Welcome to AdultGameList.


If you are new here, feel free to register to enjoy exclusive features and apps only available to registered users. Also check out below links for more resources. The guy who was updating the games quited so we are training a new guy. We got internet problem for days because of storm. We have launched a new blog to write articles about problems and solutions. Check out lzmods.

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Unified walkthrough shortcode. Minor de bugfixes. You seeā€¦ as an admin I have to use search feature a lot. ly you had to click the Search button then click on search field to start writting search keywords. But you should not need to click on search field. We have fixed that issue.

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Now you can start writting just after clicking the search button from bar. Saving your 1 click. We will change mail address to [ protected] in future. Fixed some visual issue in password reset form to make the de adapt with dark theme. Here is a sample NTR. Fixed a responsiveness issue where view icon would seperate from vide in game listing s.


Added total view of a game in single game. We have got a high speed connection that allows us to files by ourselves easily, Quickly test bugs on games, verifying complains etc. It is very useful when we have to apply hotfix or add more mirrors to download links. You are free to browse the whole site but visiting download links requires you to disable ad-block. We will disable and popups if we can sustain the site from patreon only.

Fixed near download links. Patreons gets directly to Download. No more 7 seconds timer.

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More development in archive system. Added SSL as a part of our upcoming membership and Forum development. What it means is better security for your password and stuffs when we will open registration. Example: Mother Seduction. Home overhaul. Fixed Link and Game title color issues. Now you can follow an users. More simplified color scheme.

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Performance improve. Very slight. Advanced archive will be released for beta testing in February. Added a darker theme.

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Added easy color editing support so in future, it will take much less time to change themes. It is currently in Alpha stage but you can check it from here. We will be posting game recommendations and stuffs in this section. Improved visual of. Added Featured area at home, there are a 5 games slider at the left and 4 games tiles at the right. Adjusted bunch of css issues. Increased Animaion section at the bottom of home from 3 to 6 items.

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More frequent updates on games with improved indexing system. We have drastically improved our crawling system. This is an essential feature we have been developing last 2 month developing could be faster but budget issue.

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Most of the changes are back-end and not visible to users but it is a big improvement. Now all the latest updates are being queried.

Though we have some delay between official release and updates in our site, we will NEVER miss another update of any games from now on. We are still developing our advanced filter system. Trained a new employee, now you will get updates faster and we will be adding various features on our site.

Developing interactive report button. When we implement it, you will be able to notify us about broken links, new updates and other game related information directly from game s just with one click on those buttons. Big Change!

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We will also be giving credit to android porter if the games are ported by 3rd parties. Added android icon in archive if the game have android links.

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We are hoping to add this feature in live site by the end of August, Now it shows a message. We are planning for a brand new site for adult videos. Currently we are just serving Games and animations. Fixed mobile menu icon bug where it used to slide down if someone tapped on search icon and unfolded search box.