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Negligee gameplay uncensored

This guide will help you complete all routes for all 3 heroines. They each have a bad ending, a good ending, and a bonus ending. Note : You can also obtain all CGs if you follow this guide.

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Negligee walkthrough (dharker studio)

After a huge amount of work, we are happy to announce the first sequel to Negligee is finally coming this summer, Negligee: Spring Clean will feature all women from the lingerie store including the returning Karen who appeared in Negligee: Love Stories the prequel. In this new story in the Negligee world you will be able to play as any of the five women: Hannah, Charlotte, Karen, Sophie or Jasmin throughout the day of their biggest sale of the year.

You can collect sexy cards by completing events and unlock a bonus surprise by collecting them all. As well as unlocking multiple new sexy endings between Hannah and her four helpers in the shop.

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We are happy to announce that in June we will be releasing the first game in a series of short, fun sequels to the Negligee Game These games will focus around a few characters as they enjoy a night out, some fun activities or a day at work. We will be posting more details about the next games in the series. But for now we can reveal the first sequel Negligee: Girls Night coming soon to Steam.

Oops, sorry!

Some cards will likely be distributed immediately based on your playing time. And more will be available as you keep playing. We worked hard to create some cool badges to collect as well as emoticons to receive when crafting your badges.

We know this is something many have wanted for this game, so we are glad we are finally able to release them to you. Greetings all, I am happy to announce that on February 8th we will be releasing the version of Negligee: Love Stories which will be available worldwide on Steam.

Those who pre-ordered this DLC will have immediate access to the PDF version of the book which can be found in the games main directory once installed The DLC can also be ordered normally by anyone else who wishes. We are happy to announce our next fully uncensored game release on Steam will be Devil in the Details on October 19th Thank you for your patience whilst these were created. Our next game development is now live on Kickstarter, called My Senpai.

It is doing well and gathering steam as it le into its final weeks, funding extra content and cool rewards. A yuri visual novel love story between two young women.

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Checkout the kickstarter so that no matter what happens with Steam, restrictions and releases you can get full access to this next game in a timely fashion. Thanks for your patience during the recent uncertain times for mature adult games. I am happy to say that Steam have now released new content filters including the Mature Adult game filter, and confirmed to us that happily the game can be re-reviewed with this content in mind.

As such tomorrow we will be re-submitting the game for review in its fully uncensored format.

Valve jizzes up the steam store with its first uncensored porn game

I have also set a new release date for the 14th September Giving enough time to not only re-review the game and prepare everything but also potentially refine the game further and add in some more art and images before we release the game on steam fully uncensored as it was originally deed. Our game Negligee: Love Stories was submitted to steam for final review, this process took a much longer time than is normal for us, causing us to follow up with them to find out if there was an issue.

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Your game has content in it that needs these features to be completed and shipped first. The work is progressing, but not close enough to give a time frame.

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We have appealed this decision stating that the game has been censored in the same way all of our past games were and hope they will consider allowing us to release anyway, but so far they have advised even the censored suggestive only version is still inappropriate until the new features have been deed and added to steam.

If we get more news we will advise accordingly in updates and on the community hub where there is a dedicated pinned post. All DLC for the game and a Deluxe edition will be made shortly before the full game is released so as to ensure the Deluxe edition is visible when the game goes live for sale. To ensure you are notified of its release, so you can get the game while on discount please follow the game or better yet add it to your wishlist.

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Version 0. We have also added the sections for the epilogues which are now being worked on.

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Next update should see the epilogues added, full functionality of epilogues to unlock them via the 'best' endings of each story. Also music and save area names should also be added. Looking for fellow Linux Gamers? COM is being developed by NuSuey. Indie Casual Singleplayer.

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My Senpai Kickstarter. Negligee: Love Stories will be released on September 14th, fully uncensored!

Negligee walkthrough (dharker studio)

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