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Wireless controllers accompany their respective devices, their buttons ready to navigate the Web, watch Netflix movies—oh yeah, and play video games. Not that long ago, video game consoles were clunky boxes.

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I like the tags for the tops of the n64 cartridges. They even put cover art on them! This is virtually a museum.

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I'm 40 years old and grew up on video games in the 80's and 90's. Still love games of all kinds and have all the modern consoles. I've become more interested in gaming history and realized there are a lot of old games I miss, and even more I never got a chance to play at all.

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I've also learned how there are amazing new solutions for playing old console games on HDTVs that actually look amazing! As someone who grew up in the U. I never realized how great most of the old consoles can look when outputting RGB instead of composite or RF. I'm also excited to see the growth of FPGA based consoles that preserve the original experience, but also allow for modern conveniences.

I also pre-ordered an Analogue Mega Sg - probably got too excited, haha.

And I've been devouring info on retro gaming, and looking for games. The problem is I'm finding the prices and availability of a lot of old games to be rather depressing. I have money to spend, but obviously I have a budget and can't just spend thousands of dollars on everything I might like right now. I feel like someone who has arrived late to the party, and there's only scraps of pizza and beer left.

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Are there tips and tricks for collecting you can share? Are there still good deals available? Or is collecting retro games really hard now, and I should just temper my enthusiasm? I started hard about a year ago.

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I mostly spent my money on systems, flash carts, and odes. I can buy a system for the price of a some carts. That being said, I splurged on a few titles to complete the USA Castlevania releases and other itches. Second, I really think a you need to be able to do basic repair. Recaps, minor mods. When you are comfortable, you can risk buy "junk" systems. Need to research the easy to fix problems for each console.

If the picture is messed up, I'd skip it. I actually did no real repair on either other than cleaning them up no soldering Learning to repair things is a good idea.

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I can build a PC no problem, but replacing components is a a bit beyond my current skill level, but I want to learn! Any resources where I can learn the basics? Not so bad. Or use thrift stores, flea markets, or tag sales to find deals.


But the golden age is gone and it is harder nowadays. Not impossible. Not too old at all! I just started myself and not too far behind you in age.

I totally know your journey lol. I have my eyes on an Omega Neo Geo next Demand is a lot higher than it was about 10 years ago, so there's more competition. Things get snapped up quicker, you end up paying more, and some people inflate prices or vastly overestimate demand, so you've got to do a bit of research to avoid being ripped off. I've been growing my collections over the past few months, after doing an initial rebuild about 8 years ago.

There aren't any great thrift stores nearby, the flea market was pretty sad, and there aren't any retro stores within about 25 miles, so I've been relying pretty heavily on ebay and shopgoodwill. One of my tricks is if I think a game won't have too much critical text, I'll check out prices for Japanese copies.

There are still a fair of games that have gone beyond what I usually want to pay for a single game. One thing I keep reminding myself of is that the vast majority are still selling for less than they would have been released at, so there's that, at least!

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I'm a bit older than you but was fortunate enough to keep all of my old consoles, back to the The consoles themselves aren't terribly expensive. There are a handful of games that are way to expensive for my tastes but you'll find that the majority of the titles you want and remember playing are fairly affordable.

I don't like Facebook any more than the next guy but the local marketplace is a treasure trove for retro gaming stuff fairly cheap. And don't forget the collector community.

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Make inro with fellow collectors. The more you deal with someone, the more likely they are to make deals with you. In my opinion, it's a great time to be a retro gamer. The of new products coming out are simply amazing.

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From the FPGA stuff to adapters the mega sg looks amazing. Not at all. NES commons have even gotten a little cheaper the last couple of years. Also if you get into eBay don't be afraid to risk untested games and systems if the price is right. I've done it numerous times and only had one game that I wasn't able to get working again.

Good tip. In some ways emulation is a double edged sword - on the one hand the easier it gets the lower the demand for original games because there are other usually cheaper options.

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On the other hands it also spawns new collectors once they get a taste of classic games again, or even for the first time. Genesis is a great place to start because it's still relatively inexpensive. However, since you are just starting out, definitely look into getting Everdrives. If I was starting over again, I'd probably just get those instead of the real games, it's just so much cheaper and more convenient. In terms of where to find deals, if you're in the US, try GameStop. Their Nintendo prices are about average, but they generally sell Sega games for way less than most other places.

Otherwise, just check your local Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and see what you can find.

While I'm not completely opposed to emulation, I prefer as much authenticity as possible, so for the most part emulation isn't really my gig. There's also the legal issues, risk of malware, etc. Besides having all the games ever made for a system in one fell swoop removes the fun of finding the games in the first place.

I've just gotten into retro game collecting - am I too late? Posted by 3 years ago.

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