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Except for you! Find out what has happened, save the day, or be stuck being the only male in the universe! That was supposed to sound like a bad thing.

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Goddess realm build 10 by sexyverse games win/mac

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Art Collector. Game Tester. About Sexyverse Games. Current Projects Goddess Realm Omnius is a fantasy world filled with only deviant women.

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Succubi, vampires, werewolves, witches, and more! But the goddess has grown bored of her world and wants to spice things up. So she created the first human male and placed him in her realm.

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That human male is you. Meet a growing cast of beautiful and exotic women, seduce them, help them, and do all sorts of naughty things with them! Are you the nice guy, the flirty gentleman, or the aggressive type?

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Infinity Crisis Island Things have settled down in the DC and Marvel universes so why not celebrate by inviting over the sexy women of both worlds! Talk to them, seduce them, and do some other stuff with them!

You'd think that'd double the population but all the men are missing, too! Except for you!

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Find out what has happened, save sexyverse games day, or be stuck being the only male in the universe! That was supposed to sound like a bad thing. Sensual Realms Embark on a quest where you have to have free various women that have fallen under an evil witch's spell. Save the world and have lots of sexy fun along the way! Breaking Even If we reach this then all costs for the game will be covered. Just one step closer to the dream! By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1, exclusive posts. Recent posts by Sexyverse Games.

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Goddess realm by sexyverse games win update

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